Hey Guys

Hey guys,

So if you’ve seen this blog before, you now know that I have deleted all the posts that I have ever posted over the few years as I had many gaps and I just want to restart this blog and start posting more regularly and I am being completely honest with you. Now I don’t know exactly anything is reading or what exactly to always write about but as this is the first post I would like to be honest with you and that is that I am a 14 year old girl that has been through things in life and felt broken because of a variety of things but what can I say, that’s life for you. Don’t worry it isn’t anything like violence, it’s more emotional but I just want to be someone that people can talk to and maybe I can help you. I am going to be straight with you guys and if you ever want to share your feelings with me you can but later, I know there’s always going to be hate but I know i am not qualified to give advice but who is? I just want to see if i can relate to people and somehow help them get through things and just be that friend to chat to people and make them feel safe and hep them out a little bit just to make a little part of their day better. That’s all for today, you can contact me in different ways from chatting in the contacts to email and even instagram which currently has no followers but I hope it gets some soon.

I hope that I hear feedback from you guys and that I hear suggestions about what else you guys want me to write. Thank you if you are reading this and want to be a supporter. You can give me ideas in the comments below and be sure to like this post.Remember that u can contact me and follow my Instagram details below, I will post on their as soon as I publish a post so follow it to be the first people to know.
You guys are really appreciated remember to comment and like. Once again thank you and I love you guys for being there for me. Love you guys (whoever is reading this)

You can contact me by email: girlexpressing@yahoo.com

You can also follow my instagram: girlexpressing_official

Girl expressing offline now xx


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