How to spread word about an anonymous blog?

Hi guys, no one is probably reading this like every other blog post that has been posted but I would just like to ask anyone who happens to be reading this what I could do to be able to promote this blog and how to help people and give advice online without any one finding out my identity. This is going to be the shortest blog post that I will hopefully ever post during the time that I have been writing these posts. I would just like to hear ideas from you guys and see your opinion on my blog even if it is hate.

You can share my posts if you enjoy them and tell you’re friends and family about it.

I hope that I hear feedback from you guys and that I hear suggestions about what else you guys want me to write.

Please follow me on my official instagram account which is below. It has no posts yet but after I get some more followers, then I will be able to post and share details with you.

Thank you if you are reading this and want to be a supporter. You can give me ideas in the comments below and be sure to like this post.

Remember that u can contact me and follow my Instagram details below😘
You guys are really appreciated remember to comment and like. Once again thank you and I love you guys for being there for me.

You can contact me by email:

You can also follow my instagram: officialgirlexpressing

Girl expressing offline now xx


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