Things couldn’t get any worse

Hi guys, today has been quite a rough day for me due to many personal reasons. Today, I would like to focus on one topic and that is love. Love is something that you have that is pure. That is from deep inside your heart. Something that you have from the start for your family and you build on throughout the life that you will cherish. Something that you build from scratch for your friends that you have chosen to love and the partner that you will spend your entire life with. Love is something that is completely different from hatred because both of them are completely opposite as one is something that you want but the other is something that you want to run away from. You want one because it is one of the most beautiful things that you can have and cherish in life whereas the other one is something that you don’t want because it ruins you and brings out the worst version of you that you will ever have.

I hope that I hear feedback from you guys and that i hear suggestions about what else you guys want me to write.

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