It has almost been a year….

Hi guys, this post is going to be a rant of how i feel but please keep reading till the end. I didn’t start this blog for grief or anything but i did it so that i could express myself but nobody has been reading it and i’m not going to be selfish about it. All that i am going to say is that i hope people did read this and ask me questions so i can help them if they are going through something. This is probably going to be my last blog post if i do not get any support but i’m not going to be angry or selfish about it. I will check in a months time but i bet no one would have read this. I don’t know how to promote the blog as i have kept my identity a secret no one even knows that i have started this blog. I have just read the stats of the blog while editing and i have found out how much support i got during the time that i was posted then i stopped but i am going to start posting again and please make your support visible by liking, sharing and commenting what you want to hear in future blog posts. Please follow me on my official instagram account @officialgirlexpressing . It has no posts yet but after i get some more followers, then I will be able to post and share details with you.

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