I need more support

So, I haven’t really written since December to be honest with you and this is the first post of 2016. A lot of things have been happening for the worst and not many people are even seeing this blog so I feel like there is no point me even writing on here. I feel like I’m not getting any support as no one is seeing the posts that I have been writing and I’m not getting any advice or anything and I honestly don’t know what to write or what to do now so if anybody does see this please comment and help me and use the details that I’m going to add at the bottom. Thank you if you are reading this and want to be a supporter. You can give me ideas in the comments below.

Remember that u can contact me and follow my Instagram details below😘
You guys are really appreciated Remember to comment and like. Once again thank you.

You can contact me by email: girlexpressing@yahoo.com

You can also follow my instagram: officialgirlexpressing

Girl expressing offline now xx


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