Hello World

This is my first very post and please do not judge me about my writing style or just anything. So here it goes my first post:

Hello World working copy

So hi. I am writing this to no to help me express my feeling but to help all of you guys that need support and help. So you would want to know who i am. I want to keep my identity a secret just because i am Β not ready to reveal my identity. So my parents have recently been going through a divorce and it is hard and i do not want any of you guys to feel the way that i have had because it is definitely hard and you really need support during this time and i am lucky that i have had some support from my best friend Artsy (see the about me to know more). I do not know what to write as i am not used to this yet. So if you have suggestions please comment them below and please share this blog as this is just the starting point to millions of advice and support that will help you. It may even help your friend and for all of the regular readers you will be especially appreciated. I can not promise that i will pot everyday but i can promise that you will feel better after reading and have support. Please share this with your friends and tell people about this. Remember to comment and like. Once again thank you.

You can contact me by email: girlexpressing@yahoo.com

You can also follow my instagram: officialgirlexpressing

Girl expressing offline now xx


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