Hey guys,

I know that there were never many people reading this but I would just like to restart my blog if I can even call that because I haven’t been posting at all. However, this is now about to change as I would like to start publishing more as a way to kind of make myself feel better as this is a chance for me to help someone that may be going through things like I am even though I’m not an expert and I don’t have the worst of the worst. Before anything I just want to say how I would appreciate it if you would share my blog as I should be posting weekly at least and will always be open to any suggewstions. Once again before anything I would just like to say, or shall I say write how I’m just a teenager so please don’t blame me for anything that you don’t agree with and if you don’t like this blog I am going to be really clear and say, you don’t have to read it but if you do like it, I would appreciate any feedback and I know that at aome point there will always be hate and I’m ready for that. Also, I am free/ open to any suggestions of if you would like to hear about something in particular or if you would like to ask me questions personally I would prefer for you to comment or email me:

Girlexpressing, signing off x